Why Do You Travel?
My heart beats for all things travel but breaks knowing that there are those who may never get the chance to traverse and experience the wonders of God's creation.  To know that there are children who read about oceans, landmarks, and cultures that they do not have the means--by no fault of their own--to see both moves and disturbs me. Hearing a young man from the inner city tell me that he could not point out Mexico on a map due to believing he'd never see it, or any other country, or escape the environment and circumstances he had always known hurt. That is what drives me and that is the "why" behind my travels.  As much is this blog is a testament to my varied experiences as I traverse the globe, it is also for others! I seldom regard my trips as "vacations." Vacation implies selfishly enjoying the sights and sounds associated with taking a break from "normal" life, but my trips are purposed for being a student of experiences and teachable moments as well as encouraging others to pursue the same.

How Did You Get Started?

The interest in exploration and travel was always there, revealing itself in flashes and flickers throughout my life, however, I did not begin to pursue the flame until October of 2015 after a broken engagement earlier that year. It is my belief that nothing happens by chance, and so, while I thought that the event was most unfortunate at the time of occurrence, it redirected me and pointed me in a direction that I didn't know I needed to go in and put me on the path to pursuing what gives me a joy I've not previously known.  I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Where Was Your First Solo-Destination?
Los Angeles, California.  I had been to LA before on a family trip, but we all know travelling is much different when you are with others as opposed to being on your own.  

Do You Ever Get Lonely on Solo-Trips?
NO! *smiles* For me, loneliness isn't about the absence of others but more so being in atmospheres or the company of people who don't stimulate or challenge me. As it relates to travel--and most areas in my life--I thoroughly enjoy autonomy and the freedom to explore at my own pace however fast or slow that may be. Travel is enriching & I believe it requires you to be a student, something you cannot be if you're constantly subjected to chaos and the impatience you experience if you're in the company of those who do not understand or share your travel style. I am a people-person who seldom meets strangers.  Additionally, I hold myself accountable when it comes to being intentional about engaging with others during my travels.  I would encourage everyone to take a solo-trip at least once in their adult life.  Should you ever find that you're lonely re-assess and take initiative to go meet & learn from others as that's largely the point of traveling.

What Do You Do When You're Not Traveling?
In addition to my day job (I'm an HR professional who is passionate about Ethics), I work out 6 days a week, volunteer concerning humanitarian crises, make explorative attempts to become better acquainted with Dallas and other unexplored areas, serve as an advisory board member for two non-profits, and am learning and perfecting my Russian.

Favorite Food?

Absolute Must Do's on Vacation?
I never regard my any of my travels as "vacation" but one of the absolute Must-Do's while traveling is getting to know the local citizens in the place you're visiting.  There is much to be learned from them!  I would also caution to not focus on capturing the "perfect" picture with the perfect background for social media; Enjoy experiencing the moment for yourself, THEN take pictures--loads of them--after you've enjoyed the sights, sounds, and smells of where you are.  
Experience the local fare and EAT FOODS THAT YOU CAN NOT FIND AT HOME....without American condiments! :)