Cambodia: First You'll Love It and Eventually It'll Break Your Heart

Be careful because Cambodia is the most dangerous place you will ever visit. You will fall in love with it, and eventually it will break your heart...
— -Joseph Mussomeli, former US Ambassador to Cambodia

There is no truer sentiment. For me, travel isn't about beaches and margaritas, or doing it for the 'gram. There's always a reason behind my visits to the destinations I choose. Regarding Cambodia, I found a special affinity for its people through readings and research of its dark history. In recent memory and within the span of 3.5 years (1975 - 1979), an estimated 3 million Cambodians were tortured and killed--killed if they wore glasses, killed if they "looked" smart, kilked if they spoke another language, killed based on occupation, killed for being a baby....killed to be killed.

I felt emotionally taxed by Cambodia before I ever arrived--a notable first for me.  Joseph Mussomeli was right.  I fell in love with Cambodia but so quickly wanted to run away from all that it was.